Current Availability List

Here’s what’s new this week:

  • Baby Savoy Spinach – from county line – 4 lb. cases – super nice….
  • French Breakfast Radishes are back on the list…
  • Crimson Sweet Watermelons – from Pepe Farm – seeded – great flavor
  • Cheddar Cauli, Romanesco and Green Cauli – all in good supply – order by each or the pound…
  • Sweet Peppers all looking great – corno di toro – red, yellow, orange new to the list
  • Marble Potatoes – from Riverdog – real marbles for you this week!
  • Chanterelles in stock – fresh from the pacific northwest
  • Fresh Mendo Huckleberries will be starting at the end of the week – stay tuned
  • Heirlooms and Cherry Tomatoes – look no further, we have the best ones around…

Download the Organic Produce availability list for the week of August 18 here.

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Seasonal Calendar

Sonoma Organics carries fresh produce year round. The items we carry are subject to the vagaries of the weather and myriad other conditions that may hasten or delay availability.

Our Seasonal Calendar provides an overview of the produce we carry and their respective timelines for availability.

To view the Seasonal Calendar, click here.


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