Current Availability List

Here are your new lists for this week and a few highlights:

Live Oak Farms
Rainbow Baby Carrots $2.00/Bu
Herbs! Chives, Basil, Thai Basil, Sage, Thyme, Tarragon, Marjoram 
Rainbow Swiss Chard $2.15/Bu 
Mixed Squash – Zephry, Dunja, Romanesco $1.75/LB
Haogan, Crane, Ambrosia Melons
Champagne Grapes – Three Sisters
Nettles – Surf Monkey 
Gravenstein Apples
Brokaw Avocados – Firm or Ripe, Case or Each 
Bartlett Pears – Viva Terra 
White Corn, BiColor Corn – Dwelley 
Passionfruit – Ripe – Rancho Shiraz
New Crop Shallots – Rundle, Coke Farms
New Crop Celery Root – Coke Farms 
New// Pre Order (happy to stock with volume) 
Figs – Black Mission, Adriatic, Candy Stripe
Flamingo Peppers (blushing) – Full Belly
Gatherer’s Gold Pepper(Gold Marconi)– $30 for 10lb
Papaya – Kumu Farms 
Dragonfruit – DeVine
Lemongrass – Alma Gordillo Organic
Kiwi – Zespry
Fingerlimes – Beck Grove 
Walla Walla Onions – Andersen Organcis 
Dates – Jewel Date 
Sonoma Farm Microgreens 
Trays now available, lots of varieties to choose from, ask! 
Gapping // Unavailable 
Purple Daikon
Meyer Lemons (limited – high pricing) 
Lemons – Available but market is high 
Fingerling & Some other New potatoes 
Baby Beets 


Full cheese and dairy list available upon request. Let us know if we can
answer any questions or source something for you.

Thanks and give us a call if you have any questions!

Sarah, David, and Amy

Download the Organic Produce availability list for the week of August 14th here.

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Seasonal Calendar

Sonoma Organics carries fresh produce year round. The items we carry are subject to the vagaries of the weather and myriad other conditions that may hasten or delay availability.

Our Seasonal Calendar provides an overview of the produce we carry and their respective timelines for availability.

To view the Seasonal Calendar, click here.


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