Current Availability List

Here are your new lists for this week and a few highlights:

We’ve changed our sourcing schedules and will be emailing our list out Sunday night as well as Tuesday and Thursday mornings to better communicate our availability.

New // Available
Mixed Baby Lettuce Alma Tierra
Figs- Black Mission and Brown Turkey
Cherries – Index and Bing
Peaches – Crimson Lady, Sweet Scarlett, Donut – Galaxy, and more
Apricots – Blenheim Fully Belly Farm **limited
Nectarines – ask
Toy Box Cherry Tomatoes
Black Seedless Grapes – Summer Royal
Bucket Ranch Strawberries – order Weds by noon for Friday delivery
Peppers – Padrone and Shishito Riverdog and others
Eggplant – Orient Charm Coke Farms
Blueberries by LB – Sierra Cascade

Back in // better supply
Watermelon Daikon
Meyer Lemons

Baby Beets
Murcotts and Tangerines
Tokyo Turnips

Cheese Special
Marin French Triple Cream Brie 8oz $7.25 Each

Sweetwater Spectrum Micros
Wasabi, Rainbow, Mizuna, Red Kale, Bulls Blood

Full cheese and dairy list available upon request. Let us know if we can
answer any questions or source something for you.

Thanks and give us a call if you have any questions!

Sarah, David, and Amy

Download the Organic Produce availability list for the week of June 19 here.

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Seasonal Calendar

Sonoma Organics carries fresh produce year round. The items we carry are subject to the vagaries of the weather and myriad other conditions that may hasten or delay availability.

Our Seasonal Calendar provides an overview of the produce we carry and their respective timelines for availability.

To view the Seasonal Calendar, click here.


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