Current Availability List

Here are your new lists for this week and a few highlights:

I have some big news, I have gotten to speak with many of you about this already, unfortunately I did not have time to reach out to all of you before sending this email.

Sonoma Organics has been sold!  Sarah Poirier is the new owner.  She has extensive experience in many aspects of the produce business and I am confident that the only changes that get put into effect will be beneficial to all of you.

I will be sticking around for the near future to make sure the transition is as seamless as possible.  Also I do look forward to speaking with all of you personally in the coming weeks about these changes.

Thank you all so much for all your support for so many years, it has truly been an honor to be your source for the amazing local produce, artisanal cheeses and all the other wonderful products that are available to us.

I wish you all the very best moving forward.

Attached are your current lists for this week, there are many changes, please use these lists for ordering for this week. 

Please use these lists for ordering, and as always if you need something not on the list just let us know, we’ll find it for you!

Hope you all are having a nice weekend!

Sarah, David, and Amy

Download the Organic Produce availability list for the week of May 8 here.

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Seasonal Calendar

Sonoma Organics carries fresh produce year round. The items we carry are subject to the vagaries of the weather and myriad other conditions that may hasten or delay availability.

Our Seasonal Calendar provides an overview of the produce we carry and their respective timelines for availability.

To view the Seasonal Calendar, click here.


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